The power of Destruction of   negative ego.



KaivalyaBOUND Defined:

     I've been asked what does "KaivalyaBOUND" mean?  It is in light of this question that I respond.  The best definition I have read for

Kaivalya is, absolute freedom or aloofness, a sense of serenity in being alone with stillness amdist chaos perhaps. The word KaivalyaBOUND as it's own entity, was created by me as a result of folks asking me to share varied practices and more that I have incorporated for almost all of my life.  (Yes, I like to sit with my backside against a large tree or even lay flat while staring at the clouds or stars.)  During a private consultation I mentioned that after teaching for so long I had gotten back into the practice of yoga asana because a class was being offered locally and in my free time and because I wanted once again to be on the student side.  Mirka Kraftsow, the yogini that I was conversing with at the time remarked that what she heard me saying is that I want to be on the student's side...and with that I recognized my truth.  
     Although I still love to be on the student side, as well as to instruct, in my heart I felt and knew I WILL continue to be on the student's side.  The requests and her comment opened up an avenue for me to explore and so KaivalyaBOUND is that created space.  Not necessarily a sacred location, but a place in the imagined absence of time that need not be rushed.  Past linked with present linked with future.  An awesome journey where the limitless can be discussed but not defined.  Illuminated boundaries become less confining and constrictive or contrived.  Both physically and emotionally, feeling less stifled, we seek the edge and dancing there, create, manifest, and proudly shout I AM.

     As an earthling, one is not only BOUND by, rather additionally BOUND to, in the essential process of becoming and self-actualizing.  I think the greater question is not what does KaivalyaBOUND mean but, "Do we dare attempt to further surrender and obtain absolute freedom and aloofness?".   Trust that as one enlivens the spirit and enhances the mind KaivalyaBOUND will take on different and varied meanings over time to each of us individually.   

       Om Klim Kalika-yei Namaha:   Om and salutation. I attract she who is dark and powerful.
        OM Hrim Shreem Klim Adya Kalika Param Eshwari Swaha:  Om and salutations to She who is the first one, dark within her own reality, the supreme primordial feminine, who cuts through illusion to the unabridgedtruth of existence.

{Kali-ma is only one example of goddess wisdom or deity.  Other examples of those that can be called upon for healing and transformational assistance include but are not limited to: Christ-light, various Saints,  {who doesn't fall in love with the stories of St. Francis of Assisi?} seers and poets or simply someone one who is thought of as a very best friend or confidant who is always there in times of conflict or indecision which potentially result in crisis, stress, duress and a sense of trouble as well as in times of prayer, meditation, conversation and majestic events when some conscious decision making has already  been accomplished.  Where LOVE is abundant and ever-so evident and sometimes even seemingly overwhelming it's grand to feel that the power and the responsibilities are shared, that just for today we make no decisions all alone.  Connection is possible.}

                         At this point in time the best definition for KaivalyaBOUND that I am able to arrive at follows:

                                           "When one dwells comfortably,       (sthira-sukham-asanam) Patanjali's sutra II:46 
                                            amidst polarities,
                                            Lives fully aware in a continuum
                                            Transforms, grows, and emerges,
                                            Actualizing one-pointed focus,
                                            Digesting the essence,
                                            Reminiscent of a simplistic experience
                                            Deemed as vaguely pleasant!" Bobi

                        If I can accomplish this more often then not, I will know that I am KaivalyaBOUND!    

                     Namaste, I Bow to the divine light in you... and in me... Peace my friends...  Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti...

                     Patanjali's sutra III:55     Sattvapurusayoh suddhisamye kaivalyam  
                         the state of peace... the spiritual entity... pure... identical, equal... serenity, liberation, beatitude...

          When the purity of the peaceful mind is identical with that of the spiritual entity, that is liberation.  
                     Translation by Bernard Bouanchaud