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    Some information about Bobi...    ~*~  


I am a yogini with an avid interest in Psychology, Tantra, Ayurveda, Eastern philosophies and Religions as well as in varied health and wellness practices since before I can remember. I have grown accustomed to feeling as if I’m somewhat of an outcast with an obscure viewpoint but I am comfortable with this mindset. I have an eclectic personal yoga practice, developed under the guidance of many fabulous teachers and my inner guru.  It helps me to fine tune and re-connect socially, to decrease the static and fluctuations of my ever-changing mind, to find my inner voice, communicate somewhat effectively, and be cognizant of the truth in my heart. I’ve learned life is illusive, although suggested by quantum physicists that thinking makes things so I am recently beginning to fortunately feel a bit mainstream depending upon my location and company and it’s all good. I’ve come to believe every living person has a multitude of stories imprinted on a cellular level.  These imbedded layers of life events also create pathways in the brain.  The inquisitive use this past history, a provisional insightfulness of sorts, as positive or negative feedback and as a reminder of where to direct their energy to create the best future and avoid mayhem and mishap.  We can learn from our experiences and we can have some control over what we experience.  

     In moving beyond a sense of inhibition, perhaps even ever so slightly, from a perceived obstruction (thank-you Ganesha) one’s gain is a glimpse of liberation in more moments then not.  As a Yogini, Recreation Leader, and event coordinator it is my intent to host and lead great workshops and events in our community and with shared enthusiasm reap the benefits of like-minded company and friends.  I want to create a perpetual calendar of ongoing fun, informative ways to spend time that will better our personal and mental health and that of the community. As a yoga practitioner it is my intent to share with others who ask me to teach.  In so doing, I may continuously be on the student side learning from one another, and always on the student’s side.  The many and varied practices that I’ve learned help peel off the layers, no matter how thick and muddled, especially the ones that stifle and constrict, revealing the essence of my heart, and what tugs at my heart-strings, the things that ultimately make me smile.  

     Yoga and other movement methodologies enable a seeker the experience of a sense of freedom or aloofness from the pulls and tugs of the material world.  In time, self-study or svadyaya renders one the ability to predict with a level of accuracy the outcome of an action as if what one does has a direct impact.  An alternative way to express this is if I do my yoga practices or my sadhana with right effort and set intent, my life has greater value, more depth and is meaningfully enriched. I simply feel better and different, while on the other hand if I neglect my truth things start going amuck and I can see myself slide downhill quickly and fervently.  It seems one can and will experience the notion of cause and effect.  I have proven to myself time and time again that I can experience intimately an ecstatic leap from confinement more often then not and a good life “out of the box” resulting in contentment or what yogi’s know as santosha or a satvic experience.