Shiva as Nataraja 
~ The Dancer ~ Shiva as Nataraja ~ The Dancer ~


WE are all involved in a dance, in the play of consciousness.  Remember thoughts are dissipated energy.  Be sure that you are investing in a future that is sustainable.  


This page should provide some clarification of services and examples of scenarios to help people get an idea of what can be constructed and therefore useful to them in their life.
 HOW MAY I SERVE YOU?                                                      

  What’s in YOUR TOOLBOX?

When I was growing up in Vermont I lived on a residential street and played outside most of the time with children in that area.   Just down the street a girl lived with her Mom, and grandparents.   An interesting combination of loving people. Her mother didn’t get out of her bed and thus never left her bedroom just off from the living area.   There was an oval mirror positioned on the door so that she could see what was going on in the living room and so family members could see her without repeatedly going into the room to check on her. I don’t recall what had led to that situation, what perpetuated this end result. Seemed she had always been that way, but in retrospect I’m sure if she had given birth to her daughter that it was not always the case.   My friend’s home had a cellar.   In the cellar there was a tiny room with some pickled and canned foods stored there, for those, foreshadowed just in case, times.   We took turns also, playing with a wheelchair that once upon a time, when her mom had been able to get up from bed, had used for better mobility.   But what I am remembering most were all the tools that we played with pretending to fix things, to solve problems, to create our personal dynasty.    

  I relay the above story for thought provocation.   To instill the idea that there are ways that people live their lives that hold them back, as well as ways and means they utilize, that help them to solve problems.   Happy with status quo!   Justification for putting tools into a toolbox comes in many forms.   How much will this cost me?   What else can I do with it?   How hard will I have to work to obtain it?   Will it be useful more then this one time, and if not how will I get rid of it when I no longer have any use for the tool?   Does it have a purpose?   Do I even want to live the cliché of a purpose-filled life. Incessant thoughts just to pick up one tool.   Let me pose this question. How often have you finally purchased a tool, after long contemplation and comparative shopping and then thought, “I should have done this a long time ago!”   This family, with the unusual family dynamics, had an entire cellar full of tools and stuff that we kids could spend hours playing with, while only on an occasion would the grandpa venture down the steps into the dark cellar to check up on us or to use a tool himself.   A greater point being that if he wanted to, he had them there, just like the food in the root cellar, just in case.    

        Since this page is titled,  How may I serve you I will attempt to give a brief definition of each of the modalities and portray a couple of examples of how the tools could be used in a typical or atypical day in any one person’s life.   This is simply and elucidation as to some of the ways I can be of service.  

The modalities that I can begin to introduce to you follow:


Selfcare:  Setting up a practice of self care is important.  It needs to be unique to you and your lifestyle.  How can you organize your ideal day/week/month/year, and fit in time for implementing that which sustains you?  What practices interest you?  There are ways to educate oneself and and create rituals that foster health.  If I can help you to better understand the importance, please, let create a dialog around this concept.  

Personal Training:   The discovery of vulnerabilities and strengths that exist will be important.   Once that is ascertained we can begin to implement various techniques that will help to strengthen and tone as well as to create stability while improving flexibility.   It is not unusual for people to only do what they feel they are good at doing.   This sets a person up to perpetuate imbalances , ignore or downplay what in actuality may be necessary, and often results in injury or problems down the road.   Discerning what needs to be done to find balance is one of the first steps.   There is not a great need for extra equipment and can be done in your own home.    
Transpersonal aquatics:   Fear of the water or aquatic experiences that you are even not yet familiar with, can be overcome.   Swimming or other water activities can be enjoyed by all ages but if your natural inclination is not towards the aquatic environment you may just shrug your shoulders and nod no thank you and never have any idea of what you are missing.   If willing, together we can face the dreaded day of putting your face in the water and exploring a whole new world and hence a whole new you.    

Yoga Asana:    Finding a steady but comfortable seat takes practice.   As children we were all so often told to sit still or to stop fidgeting.   We've lost out on finding a steady but comfortable seat when we were young fragile beings.   We were lined up in desks and rows and later on that transferred to today's typical work station.   Poses and counter poses are sequenced to help to preserve vitality and undo the damage that is wreaking havoc in the body. The discipline of an Asana practice is an aid to meditation.   Asanas assist the body’s natural immune system and various postures build strength and awareness among other benefits to numerous to list in a short paragraph.

Pranayama practice:    
To steady the body and become more focused one can pay good attention to the normal breath and with practice learn to breath in ways that are more beneficial then previous habits which in turn reap health benefits.    

Guided Meditations:
   In order to “Tune In” it’s pretty important to learn to “Tune out”.   Bombarded by the imposition of media, advertising, workloads, and the voices of our personal consciousness, generations of do-gooders before us, etc. decision-making seems impossible.   Parents end up asking their three year-old children what they want for breakfast, or dinner, not necessarily because they want to offer them a choice but rather because they don’t want to have to decide.   These days it actually requires a major decison to buy OJ at the grocery store.   Meditation techniques can help to quiet the thunder, bringing clarity and one pointed focus.   Leading one toward Kaivalya or Samadhi. Whether just getting off for a random visit or final destination… It is all for the good.

Thai Yoga Bodywork   (assisted yoga)

           Nuad Borarn:    I use this ancient bodywork mainly as a means to provoke or prod prana, our life force.   To bring greater awareness through touch is such a miracle. This art form is a spectacular means to relaxation and moving energy with hands on assistance.

        Any of the above modalities can be used in a number of different scenarios.   We each have our own.   All of these disciplines cultivate and enhance, protecting what you would like to retain while discarding the remains, while attracting over time and with patience what you clearly want.     Examples follow:      

        A nonspecified gender wants to accompany their spouse/friend on a cruise to the islands.   The activities could include snorkeling.   Their skills are limited in confined water, much less with a mask and snorkel in deeper water out in the open water.   To help solve this problem we could begin working in confined water getting used to the mask and snorkel .   Learning to trust the natural buoyancy of water while working on new and advanced skills.   Visualization techniques, to include imagining the use of equipment in the ocean and finally make the ultimate date to adventure out, ultimately celebrating the day the fear is overcome.   Through gradual guidance and teaching in a supported environment the spouse/friend will be able to join the others in the snorkeling excursion.    

        Knee surgery is eminent.   Weight has been loss and the surgeon says all test results show appropriate health to perform the knee surgery.   Since a lot of work has been done to even get to this point it seems unnecessary to go eight steps forward and twelve back. 
A mix of asana and joint freeing exercises can be done.   Whether sitting, standing or laying on a bed certain movements can be individualized and learned to gain a sense of control and to maintain focus while preparing for the actual date of surgery.   Once the surgery is complete with the previously learned sequences and an increased capacity for discipline, post-op rehab may be just another avenue to travel down while healing ensues.   The immune system is incredible.   One can either help or hinder.    

            A simple practice of meditation and asana followed by some pranayama can reduce stress.   Health benefits may include; reduced need for prescription medicines, better quality of sleep,   desire for improving and taking care to eat appropriate foods for your body type as well as improved relationship with self and others.   Absolutely more to gain, then to lose.    

          After reading and thinking, What TOOLS are currently in your box?, if interested I will happily assist you in finding the right mix of tools to enhance and transform your life.