Succulent mandalaSucculent mandala


     Wedding & Intention Party Proposal 

         May include any of the following.


As a Universal Life Church Minister, an official legal officiant in the State of NJ, I can now legally marry couples in many states.  We can plan your personal vows and also implement traditional ceremonial language making for a not ever forgotten Wedding Day.  In addition, to plan for a relaxed day setting the sentiments can be done by creating intentions and moving through a yoga practice within 24 hours preceding the sacred day of your choosing to exchange your vows.  Let's join one another in spreading the Love and sustaining it for a lifetime!  


         1.  Finding steady comfortable seat

         2.  Call to set intention 

         3.  Setting of intention (s) 

         4.  Asana and gentle movement as desired 

         5.  Savasana  



         6.  Personalized component to include favorite sacred readings, writings and/or music

         7.  Meditation 

         8.  Discussions 

         9.  Farewells as all is well... 


         And so it is...  xoxox


"Love is the answer and you know that for sure;  Love is a flower, you've got to let it grow."  
      John Lennon  


The above is simply a suggestion.  WE can collaborate and plan any other format as you wish.  After all, it is YOUR Wedding Day and your party,  and special circumstances have interesting requirements.  

Ultimately I am wishing you all peace in your wedding planning.    Bobi Lyon