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Imagination Imagination
~*~ Imagination ~ Creating the magic together ~ everyday of our lives ~ EARTHEN INSPIRATION


... A few years ago a friend of mine suggested I put together a blog. At that point in time it was something that I had already done, although it is not connected to this website. It is called Bobi~isms and PreOccupations and can be found at another location. Let me know if you are interested? Now, as I look to streamline my website and in not wanting to simply delete many hours of writing I feel it is an appropriate time to connect a "new" blog with some "old" work. Rather then simply delete so many of my AquaFLOW quarterly calendars from our past, in this blog I have entitled "Piece~mealed", 1 "peace" at a time, I will condense and consolidate the stream of consciousness pieces that I have previously written and then coordinate them here under the link called "Watery Thoughts". I hope you continue to share your magic with me and enjoy re-reading some of the thoughts that I have shared and that have been inspired by you through-out our many years together.

So Much Love All Ways.... Bobi aka KaivalyaBOUND \o/ XoXoX



  ~*~ September ~ October ~ November 2014

Peeking inPeeking in
   “I play Nitin Sawhney's 'Letting Go' repeatedly, nonstop. I find it transformative. I'm so glad iPods were invented so I didn't have to drive everyone around me mad with the repetition.”  Natasch EcElhone 

Have you taken time to notice the treasures that every day living presents to us?  It’s that time of year again, when our summer friends and acquaintances will begin to leave us behind and we in kind remember how thank FULL we are for the fact that again we have spent quality times reaching out to simply be reminded that in every reach, there is also a letting go.  In every moment there is a reflection, an opening for a level of intimacy in which to revel.  A mirror in which to glance, a chance to advance with others or on our own.  Our class that we have come to know as AquaFLOW requires that we move in intimate ways with one another.  How that feels rewards the labor of looking both inward and outward, as we find union with breath and a variety of sensory stimulation, with sometimes pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant experiences.  Our space is shared.  As if peering into a fishbowl and noticing for the first time the undulating decadent dance of life, we meet and greet.  It takes a courageous soul to step up, to step into this sometimes chilly bath and let go.  It saddens me to have to say goodbye to summer friends each Labor Day, so in turn I dig a little deeper, diving through the stuff on the surface, finding myself in a contemplative state wondering how did I get here?  Where are we all going?  I know everyday is an opportunity ~ To be here NOW!  Every day is a chance for many “once in a lifetime” experiences.  We decide to embrace for a moment and then have to choose to let go.  Like the most perfect HUG, who lets go first is up to chance.  I think I will hold on a little bit longer, in appreciation, in love, in fullness, in connection, finding out that again I have been touched in special ways.  I love being a Human Being.  I love being a Human doing...  I love AquaFLOW!  I am glad I took a chance almost 2o years ago when this class was conceived.    IT is a time to move on...           

Please note any changes to the proposed schedule, as life is, after all, subject to change.  

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”  Havelock Ellis 

Hold on My Heart xoxox  

Bobi Lyon, Rec Leader  ❤❤️️❤️


Hold on mY HeartHold on mY Heart



 ~*~ JUNE ~ JULY ~ AUGUST 2014

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” Pythagoras

Vibration in Dance and RhythmVibration in Dance and Rhythm In the last week of May I enjoyed a virtual conference; entitled THE POWER OF MUSIC. It was hosted by Aykanna and Fabian Alsultany through Entheos, The Academy for Optimal Living. I realize I have written about sound before, still I continue to be fascinated by the merits of music, it’s healing abilities. The fact that music creates rhythmic measure that transforms, how sound influences in ways that we don’t always comprehend and touches our souls. These few ideas and more, were among topics of discus`sion during 21 hour long interviews in the course of this online seminar and I was privileged to have come across the presentations, and to also have enough time to sit and listen to the life stories being shared so whole-heartedly. Personal experience and scientific data proves both discernible and measurable heart and brain waves are indeed affected by sound. Although I have done previous workshops on sound and movement, these recent conversations involved artists from various paths of life making for potent diverse discussions. Those who shared of their time are into film-making and soundtracks both in Hollywood and on Broadway, creative musicians and DeeJays whose fusion of cultures and world beats, their work is untouched but always touches, and I am ever grateful for folks whose favorite genres run from RaP and HiP HoP to the music from Traditional African beats, or the Classical styles of music from India, to what is popular and trending today as well as in years past! Clearly music intrigues me, and in part is why my playlists for classes are always diverse and never repetitive. Music not only brings people together, it pulls us in, pushing us to pieces, and stirs and shakes each one of us in unique ways. A famous poet and favorite author of mine, Maya Angelou writes, ~ “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” ~~~

I love to think that AquaFLOW is a safe harbor to which we can return , where we feel at home and protected. We see that this information although not all new to us, provides us with a mystical journey of sorts... It shall inform us throughout the course of the summer season here in AquaFLOW. Remembering now how much I always love reinforcements and letting you know I welcome you here IN JOY.... Come alive with me. I hear you. Transform me.



 ~*~ MARCH ~ APRIL ~ MAY 2014


Open to Universal engergiesOpen to Universal engergies... “We are all longing to go home to some place we have never been - a place half-remembered and half-envisioned we can only catch glimpses of from time to time. Community. Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats. Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power. Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free.” Starhawk

As far back as I can recall I have loved shapes. I have particularly adored the circle. A circle of friends, spiraling leaves, all things somewhat round, cookies, cake, pies, and am enamored with the way nature provides us with never-ending circles. We keep track of time via the perpetual calendar of days, months & seasons, (will winter ever be over this year) holidays, and meals and enjoy life to the utmost. It’s our nature. On this first Sunday in March I spent a part of my. day doing yard work, and a part of my day making hula-hoops. From ancient times the hoop, a circle has provided us with entertainment and games. Early Egyptians, Native Americans, Hawaiians, and Hasbro brought us great ideas for the circle. Push it along with a stick, juggle them, light them on fire and entertain, and bring together a circle of friends enthusiastically to play. And so the circle of life continues on a continuum as does this quarterly AquaFLOW calendar. Without the calendar how would we know when it is time for class or if it is being held or not being held? So I offer you all the ability to ponder as we move in time, move in space, and move within the circle of life...
spirals in naturespirals in nature“You have noticed that everything as Indian does 
is in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round..... The Sky is round, and I have heard 
that the earth is round like a ball, and so are 
all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nest in circles, for 
theirs is the same religion as ours.... Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from 
childhood to childhood, and so it is in 
everything where power moves.” Black Elk

And so it is with the circle... When things seem to be falling apart rather then together, we are appreciative of it’s seemingly never ending connection, something tangible that takes shape and form with which we connect meaningfully. May Spirit soar in the holiest of ways this Spring.

Circle of FriendsCircle of Friends




... Here we are again, having sojourned another year around the sun; entering another holiday season and closing out another calendar year. Moving, sometimes silently and sometimes OUT LOUD! 2013 showered us all with many spinning tales, leaving us feeling life is an emotional blur at times. This year has indeed raised the meaning of what it is like to “live in fear” bar. Continuing on, breath by breath, we live a plethora of tales telling of aches and pains, to include joy and sorrow, life and death. Many of us also thankfully assigning all of our stories an underlying current that spells L.O.V.E... and claim the experiences that we have renew our faith and we are again bursting with hope. So far, in my life, the way I understand best, is by FEELing and embracing this life with some bodily intelligence. Trusting the innate wisdom that lies within my heart and spending time listening to what my belly shares with me, is always an enlightening undertaking, not done often enough. We could all use more hugs.

Daily living seems to have many unfathomable corners. Anxiety and depression, are only cornerstones to teach us where to move next. To implore us to move in other directions, where opportunities in which to relish appear vibrantly ablaze and time stands still. In other moments I do my best to not subscribe to the unreachable! No matter how much I steady my gaze wishing this day had turned out differently, I never fail to bow my head and recognize how thankFULL I have become in my many years in this body. We are all-KNOWING. We learn so much from being pulled in a variety of directions. When we utilize all of our senses and trust “our truth” there is a deepening magic that occurs as we unravel in our travels, we find again that we are blessed indeed. May all of our wishes and needs be fulfilled in this forthcoming year...
May we continue to see the rays of light on the darkest of our days.

Looking within Looking within “Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”


The winter months are a beautiful time to look within. Take stock of what continues to serve, and seriously consider what part of this inventory we need to let go of at this point in time. We have to make room for ourselves at the INN and let our weariness be lifted to a higher place to give birth to something anew as our tales of woe burn out, before we do. This YEAR... In 2014 I hope we all HEAR ANGELS SING... during not only the Holiday Season but far beyond into the new year. There is an unmeasurable source that gives and gives and that is how we, the players in AquaFLOW chose to live as well, remembering to take time to welcome, and be welcomed...
\o/ Bobi Lyon, Recreation Leader





Stream of LifeStream of Life We are indeed making our way through transitional times. Many of us have had multiple traumas occurring in our lives along with the happy times that are sometimes too few and far between. We suffer with our physical aches and pains that come with growing older. We also suffer emotionally as we make what feels like a novice attempt to be of aid to those we love who need us to help them with varying physical or mental health situations. Our spouses, our children, and our neighbors near and far all need something from us. I have often said, “This is beyond my level of expertise.” How is it that we manage to “keep up” with all the changes and incitement? Many of you in this class have seen many more changes then I, having lived through multiple decades and in so doing have an uncanny historical knowledge, yet still feel as if everything is fresh and new. I have faith that if we keep moving and keep moving together everything will be ok. There is a certain power in community and a certainty in the power of individuals coming together. I’ve longed believe that AquaFLOW is a place where in movement we transition together to a place that elevates and clarifies. AquaFLOW affords us a space to put our hardships aside for a few mornings each week. Many of you have shared stories with me privately, and in so doing have painted beautiful images of a deep caring in my mind. It is impossible to remain aloof and not continue to uplift one another. Perhaps, AquaFLOW provides a sense of possibility ~~~ I hope so. 

One thing that is certain as we have moved recently through another summer season at the shore, and seemingly quicker by the moment, soon it will be time to “FALL BACK”... again.
I hope to see you as often as possible here in class, or as you check out our new offering that will be on our schedule soon on Tuesday mornings. Aqua ZUMBA starting on October 22nd.
Keeping in mind that indeed, “A change is gonna come.” and that we are truly capable of living our lives with a “Don’t give up!” mentality that keeps us afloat during stormy times ~ remember, when we feel depleted, exhausted, and challenged, AquaFLOW is a class with intention. A special place to leave feeling differently then when you arrived, a place to shake things up rather then to feel shaken. For so many reasons it is an honor and a privilege to share these times with each of you. I am thankful I can help to quench your thirst. I am thankful that each one of you stirs my soul to a greater degree.


“If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.”

   Kahlil Gibran

secrets of the windsecrets of the wind



  ~*~ JUNE ~ JULY ~ AUGUST 2013


“Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune intoned in the distance by an invisible player.” Albert Einstein

... Spirit exists in all things. It is what we bring to this Aquaflow H2o Fitness Class and it is what we exude upon completion. It is both within us and outside of us… It is almost impossible to negate when spirit moves us. I always love how my sense of spirit changes with the seasons. The summer season in particular seems to be a time of renewing passion and desire. Putting extra energy into taking care of things or one’s self seems easier. It feels as if there is more time to disengage from routine and let spirit soar. Maybe there has been something on a back burner throughout the winter and spring or just an idea that can now be put into action or something that just can’t be tapped!
If this is the case, pay attention and look, listen, and feel… Something’s always brewing.

Good for you if you’ve been taking care of yourself and taking time for sanctuary and respite, but a mighty congratulations if you are only embarking on this path for the first time or picking up where you left off a while back… Often it is only when we continually “think” about the what if I did this or that for myself and how life may be qualitatively different or even better that we finally kick-start and take the initiative. I believe initiative is the hardest step of all. Once you’ve gotten in the pool you’ll not regret having come, but you very well may regret if you do not. I love the above quote from Albert Einstein. As always I feel the grace that comes forth in every class and I thank you all for being the visible players… and for dancing to the mysterious tunes no matter what the obstacles. In anticipation of a fabulous summer I share these thoughts, words, and notations… and I also share my spirit with each of you. I am thankful for the ways in which we touch one another and take the opportunities to shake our physical containers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday because we ALL definitely HAVE SOUL!

May you always be a Soul in Wonder…



~*~ MARCH ~ APRIL ~ MAY 2013


stream of lifestream of life“The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore




... I postponed handing this quarterly calendar out on March 1st with the hope that I would have more information as I wished to offer an accurate schedule to each of you. However, as I sit on this Sunday evening at my computer I still only have my personal schedule available. Thus I will complete this with partial information, and hope that the majority of my time away overlaps with the well-needed work that I understand is going to commence on the pool this spring to update and refurbish our facility. Please keep an eye out for changes to the schedule via signs or press releases about additional closures.
I am excited that this work is going to be undertaken. When a facility begins aging, much like we do, if we do not undertake active and positive steps, soon things begin to fall apart. Hence, the notion of looking both at the exterior and the interior need be addressed. It is something I try to promote in each class that we participate in on most Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. Understanding that this is a tool we can use as a “whenever” option, not only during class time here. Although, the knowledge that is gained by tuning into what is happening is inherent wisdom, we must take the time to recognize and be enlightened to a greater degree, tapping into the source that runs through our veins, our vascular and circulatory systems. During each class as we focus on our skeletal system, our musculature including tendons, ligaments and myofascial tissues that support our joints and physical structures, along with the nervous systems and respiratory systems, we become more sensitive to our limbic systems, autonomic nervous and parasympathetic nervous systems as well. We shed light on our bodies and emotional states and in so doing we uncover the fountain of youth that truly exists.... in theory! Our mental health is improved with each conscious inhale and exhale, carrying life force, and in a way injects us intravenously with joy and other various emotions. Our endocrine systems are also stimulated and hormones in the form of endorphins help ease any pain we might be experiencing. Alas, I know it will be painful to have our pool closed for a short period of time, but I am grateful that much of it may happen when I am away. Upon our return it will seem so much brighter, complete with a face-lift and over-all much cleaner then it has been lately.

~ Hopefully, we will enjoy another decade or more together ~

~~~ It’s time to SPRING FORWARD...
I hope you feel a skip in your step. ~~~



April 8th - 26th




Wave of ChangeWave of Change“Keeping up with the wave of change... 

It washes over YOU/me/us and I conjure images.
I add pure potency to what IS...
Resting as I am rinsed...
Recycled and Renewed”... Bobi


... With so many changes occurring so unexpectedly it is sometimes challenging to keep up with daily nuances. It seems we just recover from one story and another one blows us away. How we do battle with our daily chores is just as important as how we press on with even minor tasks scheduled weekly, monthly and yearly especially in the the light of darkness. Thankfully solstice is just around the corner as now another calendar year has almost gone by...
It seems this year in particular friends and family members have past in great numbers and we must strive with our difficulties to go on. While we persevere there is a pervasive heaviness weighing upon many of us. Along with everything else that is happening, recently hurricane Sandy showed us her face and her wrath. We sit and stare back with the many images we have both conjured, and seen first hand. Now it is our practice to be dutiful and to keep marching on, as time marches on. During this darkest time of the year, a sitting practice is beneficial... to come to terms, to assimilate, to gather strength in dormancy. Remembering. So it is. So it shall be.
We remember what is important. We add pure potency to what is, and new rhythms to our whirling. I cannot tell you when it will all cease. However, I will do my best to adhere to a schedule so we can unwind and unravel, resting as we are rinsed once again. Making reference once again to a deeper LOVE as we feel the pulse of our own hearts as we rise and roar ferociously. I am thinking we have barely skimmed the surface! Certainly this New Year, 2013 will find you/me/us with a grain of hope and less despair, a glimmer of shimmer as we shimmy our hips and sway away our toils and troubles in this cauldron we call a swimming pool at AquaFLOW all together.

   The dancers...The dancers...

           We never find ourselves doing the “bear” minimum! :-)









Bottled WisdomBottled Wisdom

BOTTLED WISDOM~ The summer season started off on an interesting note.... As someone who is intrigued by many genres of music I do my best to live harmonically and pay attention to both the highs and the lows! When once again Memorial Day weekend arrived, and the summer tourists and residence came thereafter, I knew my workload and thus my pleasure, were going to increase from that point forward. Well I am happy to say we have now made it t0 Labor Day weekend and I am going to be taking a few more days off following the holiday weekend to enjoy the fruits of my labors and to do nothing things.

 First, I must thank you all for such a great summer full of shared enthusiasm. Since I was a young girl growing up in VT, Summer has been my favorite of the four seasons and to this day it remains as such. It seemed a time to spread my wings and expand to a greater degree, playing in the out-of-doors and evolving into something so much more before school would begin anew each Fall. So here we are now, embarking on the edge of Autumn and swiftly tilting toward Winter where our world will once again be colored with varied hues of both cool and warm shades and below freezing temperatures. Together we can recollect the social and other, “wise” gatherings we had throughout all of the passing months of 2012. There are so many shared memories to be cataloged and preserved. These stories are “good medicine” in my opinion. They are stories of initiative and it’s pursuit, regiment and chaos, pleasantry and misery, and humorous tales about over-coming obstacles at times to get to class, for whimsy and whatnot. We moved in so many ways to so many tempos and exotic beats, we had to have moved the earth under our feet as well as having shifted the tides with one another each Monday, Wednesday and Friday all before high noon. Although it’s difficult for me to think of down time from this class, and the constructs of our getting together to shift the cosmos... for now I’m doing my best to put together a quarterly calendar so you too, can make some plans. Remember to be alert to changes, because in my older years, I’m getting a lot more spontaneous and craving that winged expansion once again, as I seek to maintain a pulse congruent with my inner nature.... 

and this must include the elixir of time away.

A new dawnA new dawn



 ~*~ MAY ~ JUNE ~ JULY ~ AUGUST 2012

~ The light the light the light the light… How we love the summer light. June 21st and Summer Solstice will be upon us soon and we keep in mind; first there is Memorial Day company, then Fourth of July company and finally Labor Day company perhaps!
... You might be thinking how can I shake things up a little bit this summer in a loving way. (Or you might not have had that thought cross your mind until just now…) It might be helpful to keep in mind that to “find that love suffuses all the traits of mutual awareness, gentleness, gratitude, fluidity, surrender, spaciousness, ease, playfulness, groundedness, our wakefulness to the ordinary, our sense of place and the kinship of We Are: all are underpinned by love.”, {Philip Shepherd}

and also by our knowing that company comes and goes is also grace. ~


~ By keeping this thought among others in mind (can we really ever quiet the mind?) know that we can expend spent energy that might be getting us down, by continuing to come to AquaFLOW on an occasion or remain committed, and come often to this practice of getting together to shake things up a bit together, or to get away from your company no matter how much you love them.

I’ve supposed some of you think that I simply make up most of what we do here but the fact is I feel guided by a higher source as well as some occasional workshops, favorite mentors and teachers, and I sometimes even do my homework for further proof although my tendency is to believe that the proof is in the being of doing. Therefore, this summer’s schedule provides some profound information on the backside about “shaking the body” and the benefits of doing this gentle exercise that is among my favorites.

Note that there are a few up-coming changes to May that I have posted… as I too am having Memorial Day company and can’t wait to spend time with a few folks who I adore deeply. AS for the rest of the schedule; I hope to see you in the flow this summer, riding the waves, enjoying summer thunderstorms and picnics and as always in the most pervasive light that illuminates the truth of heart of the matter ~

And as always in the light in the light in the light in the light…

heart ripplesheart ripples 










  ~*~ MARCH ~ APRIL ~ MAY 2012


Flowing alongFlowing along

"When there enters into it a glow from the Divine, the soul gathers strength, spreads true wings, and, however distracted by its proximate environment, speeds its buoyant way to something greater; ... its very nature bears it upwards, lifted by the Giver of that love. ... Surely we need not wonder that It possesses the power to draw the soul to Itself, calling it back from every wandering to rest before It. From It came everything; nothing is mightier." Plotinus


 ... For the first time in about 20 years I can’t predict with total accuracy when I am going to be away during this next quarter of the year. I have already written this schedule with varying topics in my mind over the past several days and have nothing conclusive, other then the fact that I can share that I won’t be gone for an extended duration of time. Thus, I have to say we must be in the FLOW ~ wondering if this is all it takes ~ feeling at odds while feeling at ease, somewhere between freedom and fear. The question of how will people know if I am going to be here or not is raised. I’ve decided it doesn’t matter because most of the time I will be unless I have marked here that I will not. If something does come up and AquaFLOW is not going on as planned, an as yet unknown alternate plan will be put into place and like any good dance we really don’t know until the time is ripe what is coming next. We shall adapt as we have learned in part through participating in this class over time.


Like Martha Graham said in 1953, just before most of you were born as dancers into this world;

“I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living.... In each it is the performance of a dedicated precise set of acts, physical or intellectual, from which comes shape of achievement, a sense of one's being, a satisfaction of spirit. One becomes in some area an athlete of God.”


So we shall practice our living and our ability to be flexible and to deal with the unknown. IN fact we have been practicing that every day of our lives so far.


While there may be other days I am away that are not yet listed,

some of the days classes will not be held are listed below…  (at least they were once upon a time)


 ~*~ DECEMBER ~ JANUARY ~ FEBRUARY 2011 & 2012

... There are many things that could be said about being QUIET, and in fact I “hear” commentary and read on this particular subject matter a good deal. As we embark upon the forthcoming “silent night” what better time to contemplate the absence of sound. A few weeks ago as someone from this class came through the front door they approached me about implementing a policy that they happily abide by at another dance class that they attend. It was suggested that for our AquaFLOW classes, once someone enter the water, there be a policy of silence until it is time to exit. At first I was taken aback as in actuality, and many of you have realized, it is one of my pet peeves. I too find it extremely frustrating when people are talking, especially during class, and I know I work hard at trying to keep people’s conversations here to a minimum during class and feel it will take us all being on the same page. The fact is, now that I have the affirmation of the preference from others who pay to participate, I think the policy of SHhhhhh ~ is perfect, and the attendees need to make an obligatory attempt. So, on the one hand we have the “talkers’ and on the other hand we have those that are bothered by the noise, yet I know we have more to gain by being silent and feel we should experiment saving the conversations for afterward in the locker rooms, on deck, or meeting for coffee or even a meal.
As someone who has a deepening meditation practice and a sense of being intrigued by sound of all types I know this will be difficult at first. I am asking that you hold onto your words and thoughts and save them for sharing at a later time, and that you ALL try your utmost. I will not POLICE this but I am suggesting strongly that we all enter into this contract of silence in the water (with the exception of my instructions) for a period of time and see and hear what a difference it will make. Yes, it will seem awkward to not FILL THE SILENCE. I know we will enjoy a “SILENT NIGHT” of sorts very soon, and perhaps we will grow to enjoy making an occasion of the POLICY OF {{{ SHHHhhhh }}} in AquaFLOW ~ after-all, a few select words can mean a lot, but the sometimes awkwardness of saying nothing… that’s makes for a completely different story! IN summary what I want to share now are things I recently have read about silence and/or quiet time that I enjoyed…. And wish you all a Happy NEW YEAR in 2012!


ShhhhhhhShhhhhhh~ “But being quiet and meditating on sound is something completely different and will be discovered very soon by a lot of people who feel that the visual world doesn't reach their soul anymore. “ ~
Karlheinz Stockhausen





PRAYING by Mary Oliver SHhhh
It doesn’t have to be

the blue iris, it could be

weeds in a vacant lot, or a few

small stones; just

pay attention, then patch

a few words together and don’t try

to make them elaborate, this isn’t

a contest but the doorway

into thanks, and a silence in which

another voice may speak.


As we move into the winter of 2012 and another quarter of AquaFLOW I look ahead to living with grace and with peace. (and quiet) SHHhhhhhh! :-)




... September is typically a month of transitional times. With a multitude of stories hidden in our cellular and energetic bodies from years past, we mostly shift through our gears as we shift through our stories. Our lives have flashed by quickly and we sometimes reside in dream-states hoping to get lost because during disconcerting times we feel so undone and disconnected. The weather has already begun to change subtly, our awareness of this fact provoking yet another weather conversation! Nature has had us on alert… earthquakes, tropical storms, hurricanes, floods now receding, and sunny days gone by all a part of both the center and the periphery. Change is also happening as a part of the current of our lives… family members or friends are experiencing devastation that comes in many forms: sickness, loss of job or income, indiscretions and divorce, mental health issues and other ills. In fact, not only are we in a transitory time seasonally, this world is changing rapidly before our very eyes and although most of us have adrenal glands that are severely over-taxed I’m assured that enlightenment on the horizon… AquaFLOW is a participatory class where one learns to become acutely aware… of breath, coming in and going out, of turning that corner at the top and the bottom, of the natural pauses in life that take our breath away. It is a time to let the mind be of “no-mind” and if one can, the body also “no-body” ~ One can soften into a state of gentle surrender without loss of control and believe in the possibility of leaving the “junk in the trunk” behind and understand this illusive society.

Through directing movement we can go beyond the stuff that is happening in our world, that is truly disheartening and the cause of much burden. Through coming together we create community and find unity in diversity. It is indeed a challenging era, sometimes seemingly so DARK. Yet it is in darkness one can find the light, to shine personally like a beacon. Bliss-filled can become a way of life despite the trials and tribulations that are the very things that pull us together with common bonds. The thread of LOVE, the tug at the heart strings, the FLOW that gently pushes us along in a quiet current of tenderness and concern… Isn’t this why we come to class… to practice living in the center, where there may be less striving and more real living with awareness? It is important that each one of us FEELS. When each one of us is respectful of self and one another, health will be optimal. You’ll feel the after glow of AquaFLOW ~ and thus obtain the energy that is necessary to cope with the STUFF that is a part of our lives. Hopefully, enough to flow abundantly as fragmentation is left behind and the new sum total is a sense of WHOLENESS that is well deserved. Thanks so much for keeping this class afloat…

I hope we can move like dancers through this fall season together as often as possible!


Dance Dance

DANCE to the Rhythms that come from within...

CREATE FLOW and KNOW the truth...

KNOW that the body can not lie...

nor does it ever lie still! :-)

USE THE BENEFITS OF WATER and FEEL what you need to FEEL ~~~









 ~*~ JUNE ~ JULY ~ AUGUST 2011

... Summer is upon us FULL STEAM ahead. It seems like just last week I was struggling with whether or not to wear my winter jacket. Since I am not a fan of being cold, of course I brought it along just in case. How grateful I am that we were gifted with this outrageously beautiful Memorial Day weekend of magnificent weather making the story of the wonder of winter apparel seem like it was forever ago rather then just last week.

One of my more recent thoughts consisted of the following, “ Magical, musical, mysterious.... melodious, merrymaking, matching the rhythms that I will ride through the week... making memories of the transitional end of May on into JUNE. Though I knew you were coming I have to ask, “June, when did you sneak up on me?” I have to add, “June, I love your light!” :-)

Now I add that I am glad you have arrived. Having withstood pool heater “situations” periodically throughout the late winter and spring we can now withstand with ease the workmen finishing the upgrades to our facility. This fact makes me want to shout songs of praise and dance with spontaneous bursts of energy like there is no tomorrow. Our Pre-Memorial Day celebratory AquaFLOW Dance Jam was a hit and I promise we shall continue to move our bodies in ways unlike we have not in the past. I’m looking forward to an early summer long weekend of workshops in VT, thus a few days without classes, but hope to come back with fresh inspiration to share here at the pool. I could not be in my 18th plus years of teaching this class, (someone reminded me the other day) without the great group of folks that greet and meet each Monday, Wednesday & Friday here at the pool, some of you having been here for this many years as well. Just when I am beginning to doubt and feel my enthusiasm waning, such as it was during the contentious months when the water was, shall I say, slightly less therapeutic then is preferred as I state above, there is a light. It is to this same light that I feel a humbling thankfulness, knowing that the energy of summer as it always has, will bring us to our feet and together once again. We shall sing and dance, playing as we did when we were children without worry or concern about how we looked or who was watching and we shall rejoice in the light of the summer of 2011…. Get your smile on and get ready to boogie!

Every BODY WelcomeEvery BODY Welcome




 ~*~ MARCH ~ APRIL ~ MAY 2011

in like a LAMBin like a LAMBMarch has come in like a Lamb ~ and hence shall exit like a Lion… Balance and counter balance does indeed occur in all things! Pending weather, astutely discussed sometimes as the sharing of famous idioms, farmer’s almanac predictions or The Weather Channels scientific observations must also admittedly carry our own insightfulness along with a smidgen of HOPE... A favorite professor of mine, Roger Nelson from Princeton actually did an experiment called Wishing for Good Weather and his results can be found here:





This abstract was published in Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol 11, No 1 pp. 47-58 and includes this among other “scientific” procedures and thoughts.


“Many human activities are affected by the weather, and there is a long history of rituals and ceremonial

efforts aimed at controlling it. In modern societies, such efforts are largely vestigial and amount to

informal hoping or wishing for good weather for special occasions. Reunion and commencement activities

at Princeton University, involving thousands of alumni, graduates, family and others, are held outdoors,

and it is often remarked that they are almost always blessed with good weather.

A comparison of the recorded rainfall in Princeton vs. nearby communities shows that there is significantly

less rain, less often, in Princeton on those days with major outdoor activities.”


This exploration is in part actually a study in consciousness, chaos theory and manifestation of reality through the power of wishful thinking, faith, hope or prayer! Or Balance and counter balance ~ I truly believe one must be careful what one thinks and cautious about the company one keeps! While the following expression or rhyme, March Winds & April Showers bring May Flowers or something like that has been around since as far back as I can remember in my childhood, these words, in the voice of my Mother, along with “spring has sprung the grass is “ris” I wonder where the flowers is?” always come to my mind each spring. I welcome the returning thoughts, her return in the form of thought, and the lengthening daylight and the manifestation of “Springing Forward” this year on March 13th, following our darkest days of winter. Now I again turn toward renewal of hope and putting effort into “spring cleaning” and conscientiously “again” putting my best foot forward, reinstating my New Year’s commitments. For some of us, this is our daily bread, while for others we find it challenging and disconcerting to say the least. However you are feeling on this day, know that change is happening in every cell, atom and molecule in every moment and the wisdom unlocked by tuning into these changes is mind-blowing. Thank you all for keeping me company at AquaFLOW . You really are, the best of company ~

I wish you each a delight-filled spring… and that it may just go out like a LAMB as well!



... The years, they come and they go. Some seem fast, and some seem slow. This year, in particular seems to have moved right along. I confess the current of life seems swift. The ever-changing fractals and rhythms are pushing and pulling and keeping us moving and only at times aligning harmonically. ~ WOOP ~ WOOP ~ Just as the varying seasons change, right now, embarking toward the darker part of the year with the least amount of light we deal with changes in our physical bodies, with our relationships with one another, and with the daily challenges of what to do during the following year. Making a plan we set our minds toward our New Year resolutions. We set our mind on the wondering of what shall we give up for Lent rather then on how much can I give on a daily basis. I recognize the rituals I do religiously have little to do with religion, other then the study of World Religions... In truth, I’ve discovered it’s all for the light; and of course for the LOVE. One of my favorite Sufi poets who is also loved by so many others, is named RUMI… If you have not read or heard his work I suggest it to you. As we move into the year 2011 I thank you all for your humaneness and your big-hearted methodologies. Here I will share Rumi’s writing that so touches my heart and my soul and let you know when I shall be unavailable to teach through the winter months.


 Winter spiralsWinter spirals








These spiritual window-shoppers,

who idly ask, “How much is that?” Oh, I’m just looking.

They handle a hundred items and put them down,

shadows with no capital

What is spent is love and two eyes wet with weeping.

But these walk into a shop,

and their whole lives pass suddenly in that moment,

in that shop.


Where did you go? “Nowhere.”

What did you have to eat? “Nothing much.”


Even if you don’t know what you want,

Buy_ something_ to be part of the exchanging flow.

Start a huge, foolish project,

like Noah.


It makes absolutely no

difference what people think of you.


I hope this schedule helps for your planning purposes.... at the very least it will clear your mind and make your body feel great for that huge, foolish project you want to get started on!






... Once upon a time ~ Most of my favorite stories begin with this line. For indeed, in order for a story to manifest, there typically needs to have been a starting point where a certain order began. There also needs to be folks who pay attention to the story line with vigilance. There are times when a story can be right out in the open, clear as day, and no one notices at all. There are times when a story is going on “behind the scenes” as they say in some circles. All good stories have a variety of characters, but I want to add that each particular character, to be dynamically healthy, also has a myriad of character traits that can really make for great entertainment. In my opinion one of my favorite things about this class is that it definitely includes a diversified array of people off the street.
I’ve been told by some that that they leave PA at 6AM to arrive here on time, and another that this class has become her 8AM replacement for Mass! I understand as I will travel a distance myself for places of inspiration but I love the fact that I can come to work each Monday, Wednesday and Friday and feel refreshed and might I add, illuminated by offering this AquaFLOW class through the Borough of Wildwood Crest’s Recreation Department. Yes, Once upon a time… approximately 15 years ago I started teaching this class and am happy to say I have participants and co-workers who started this journey with me at that point in time. Sometimes the story lines are right out in the open and sometimes they aren’t even noticed. But I dare say it’s been a brilliant opportunity for me and hopefully therefore; for each of you. May you come to each class feeling whole and leave just as magnanimous. I know it takes two of my favorite attributes to be a part of this circle of friends and fitness partners, those being giving and kind. Let this particular affection be carried through the Fall season and I hope to see you all happily ever~after!

AquaFLOW SummerAquaFLOW Summer

                         Instructed by Recreation Leader, Bobi Watson



~*~ MARCH ~ APRIL ~ MAY 2010

I've started calling this class AQUAFLOW... since over time the structure and content have changed considerably!

... Having been born and raised in VT. I thought I was properly prepared for the winter blizzards of 2010, aka; the February Fury but I’ve been reminded just how much I dislike the activity of bundling and unbundling any time I want to go outside and of my preference for heat and summer sunshine. As much as I like clothes and accessories and certainly have a closet and dresser drawers stocked with a variety of useful items from as far back as the early 70’s, hats, gloves, and boots, I admittedly am not a fan of the winter wardrobe. Bulky, technical clothing that is supposed to keep me warm, typically does, except when the temperatures plummet, the wind chill goes below freezing and everything gets saturated from the beautiful white stuff falling from the sky. Copious amounts of the white stuff, fell for hours, and lives were affected and relationships changed as a result. Community Emergency Response Teams were tested when neighborhoods were without power and folks needed to be sheltered. Home base no longer included the creature comforts and privacy one may typically prefer. Yes, the past month coerced us to not only step up to serious challenges, but to step carefully, as the rules of the road whether a pedestrian or driver, you know well what I document here, had changed. Although the storm did jar many memories for me, of not only shoveling, sugar on snow at winter carnivals, and driving across frozen lakes during ice fishing tournaments, but of the ingenuity that I was taught from the experience of difficulty that arose when the car got stuck, or would not start, or it was just so deep one could not travel anywhere safely unless on our toboggan up the hill out back with plastic bags in our boots to keep our feet dry while we played. And then we would gather round the table for a treat of melted marshmallows in our hot chocolate made with real chocolate and wrap little red fingers round the mug to warm them again.
I recollect when exercise was simply activity and not something we had to plan for… We LOVED to be outside, running and playing, either with a ball, on our bikes or simply exploring deep into the woods or high up on a mountain. But I must add that it is now a different era, and I am extremely thankful to lead this class, to create the flow and freedom to move in a space that is supportive of one another and differing attributes. As we move, not only in class, but also toward the spring season, I sing praises. To each of you for your generosity of spirit, you constantly show up, and work it, no matter how intense life gets, you check in and make this class a part of your life story.
Let me sing in praise of snow … MELTING… and let us imagine a picture of spring being painted… AMEN…






~ ~ May You ALWAYS Hold an Abundance of Love in Your Heart! ~

... ShaZAM… once again we have spun quickly through a full year and onward toward a brand new era and decade. This forthcoming year, 2010~ may seem reminiscent of a swiftly tilting planet with amazing events and insights occurring in every moment and sometimes throwing one off balance. After all, although Y2K seems like yesterday it’s a good bit behind us now. To culminate 2009, this December presents the natural occurring phenomena of two full moons with the second one, our blue moon, falling on the last day of the year, New Years Eve. Be sure to bring projects to fruition simultaneously and clear out your “in and out boxes” before the 1st of the year if at all possible and be aware of rising tides and any impending Nor’ Easters!
I am constantly amazed as I tap into source, or redefine what is sacred to me at what is available to me/us. As soon as I bring one project to completion something equally as wonderful or challenging comes before me … I am certain that it is by thy grace and hard work that we achieve our dreams and desires and as we stand sometimes seeming supported holding our ground in power, or at other times able to move with ease across space and time. It is here and now that we begin thinking about setting definitive intentions for this New Year or as is said, making our new year’s resolutions. Concurrently, in this same moment, I’m pondering the resolve I found during this past year, and as I clean my home or yard of debris and clutter looking deeply into the nature of my mind decide what am I holding onto physiologically, mentally or emotionally, that may or may not be serving me any longer. Breathing into sensation, exploring and discovering what sustains me, breathing out anything that I perceive negatively. Be what they may, Birthday Wishes, New Year’s Resolutions and Prayer or Contemplative Meditation all have something in common. They provide a stomping ground, a transitional palace of sorts for our feet where we gather with kindred spirits to dance the middle ground between bad and good spaces and make either with sound judgment or a GPS our next juncture. Indeed movement provides ardent pleasures. Keep turning toward what is pleasurable.
I thank you for joining us this past year for H20 Aquatic Fitness classes, through locker room renovations and other situations that may have caused discomfort or the benevolent practice of adaptation… Don’t our unwavering thoughts and commitments to “Be the change we wish to see” (Gandhi) prove to have growing pertinence in a troubled world? I have become thoroughly convinced that one can find peace in their heart and in so doing it will become widespread. If not at least decrease your chances of a broken heart! Be kind and the peace in your heart will be beneficial to those who live in your home, on your block or street, further out into the community and beyond. I hope you can hear the church bells ring and in so doing recognize the sound of freedom ringing too as we ring in the New Year. May good health, an abundance of happiness and fortitude in plentiful amounts be your gifts.




... August’s last days have swiftly moved into September’s first. I’m already feeling and anticipating with excitement the changes that a new season bestows upon us. On the fashion scene skinny jeans are back in, and go figure I’m in the mood to wear a pair of baggy pants. I’d rather my pants fit in this manner to match the lifestyle that suits me. My typical preference is to be enveloped comfortably as I reach for seasonal foods satisfying my urge for a sweet treat. Fall IS a perfect time for fruit crisps and cobblers or scones and hot tea shared amongst friends. But skinny jeans? Once again I encourage the antithesis of what’s current or popular. Still in all counting blessings at summer’s end and taking note of the cycles and rhythms of change whether it be fashion, food or otherwise. It is time for me to put a few thoughts/words on paper in the form of a schedule. What new awakenings have occurred, what was once new now gone or something made new again… I observe as if the witness, the transition and transformation happening in every cell, in each moment in the light of love and with sincerity. Both the men and women’s locker rooms are almost transformed and a timely completion with the cooler temperatures arriving soon. I like to think “Thy will be done” has something to do with this perfect and impeccable timing and it is in this belief that I write of my heartfelt thanks. To those who supported the pools programs during what other’s understandably believed to be a time of crisis and found options elsewhere I am grateful to have you as part of our family. It is somewhere between two places, in the hopefully never-ending dichotomy called life; that I note my wishes to continue to move, with ease and little pain in each day. To wonder, to wander, to work my strengths and my weakness each Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule permitting. Hope to see you through the Fall and forthcoming Winter sessions while the continued burning of the Summer fire’s remains warms our insatiable but amused & satisfied souls.




~*~ JUNE ~ JULY ~ AUGUST 2009
Summer Aqua classes with a yoga component and Bobi's musings... sometimes I can't help myself!

“If a proper reverence for the sanctity of the Earth and the diversity of its people, is the secret of peace and survival, then the adventure of self~discovery stands before us as the most practical of pleasures." ~ Theodore Roszak ~

... I love to read. I currently read from a couple of books at a time, usually on similar subjects with diverse but parallel viewpoints. I discovered a long time ago that we live in a multi-layered universe. As a yogini I live in at least two worlds at one time, my internal world where I find sanity and the world that pulls and tugs me to the outside. Yes, I have an awareness of my inner sanctuary as well as the sometimes seemingly chaos that man creates, or is created by circumstances. Thus to experience peace and happiness, since I was a small child I’ve practiced delayed gratification. To adapt takes hard work and appropriate reaction, sometimes in the form of non-reaction. Metaphorically what we do in the H2O Fitness Class is adaptation. There are times when people don’t like the pace of the class, or the music that is being played, or how many people are attending or not attending, the temperature of the water or air quality. The fact that I’ll work only the shoulders and upper body one day and the lower body the next time is also discussed. (Wait that doesn’t happen really!) In one of the books that I am more then half way through by Theodore Roszak title The Voice of the Earth, An Exploration of Ecopsychology he states, “Like so much else in it’s vocabulary Science borrowed the word order…” and he goes on “What was once only potentially there as an unrealized image in the artist’s mind is now present for all to see and share. Has there been a loss or gain? Is there now more or less “order” in the world? This process, ironically and metaphorically, applied to the renovations of the locker rooms makes me wonder. In a parallel universe do we have to be happy to be at peace with a situation as it comes hurling at us? If there is not order, is there disorder? I find it best not to judge, but rather be the witness and adapt. To continually work at finding my place of ease, whether it be on my feet finding that sweet spot where I stand tallest, or adjusting to inconveniences that can’t be controlled. And communicating appropriately. Yes, I am disappointed, but definitely I am thrilled to see conceptually and in reality that people are taking care.



 ~*~ MARCH ~ APRIL ~ MAY 2009

... Strength in numbers… Whether used for the presentation of economical data in a pie chart or a notion of people who purely join together committed to a common cause, numbers have been a way of counting for my entire lifetime. In the first situation, numbers or dollars, stocks or commodities can be analyzed and presented causing worry and alarm. This brings groups of people together for varying causes… the unemployment line, rapidly becoming it’s own industry, meetings planned and attended to discuss other meetings, ie; which ones may be worthwhile, or an increased interest in something tangible with texture, color, life and movement may be more to your liking if you are at all like me. Counting became easier at one point in time when a common language of sound was developed. The statement at a counter, I’d like 3 coffees, 1 tea and 4 bagels please would ensure that one would return to work with treats for all 4 colleagues or to the 4 family members back at home. How it is paid for another story! I wonder if it is too late to returned to a time of barter and trade and we could all have something tangible and therefore more clarity for our goods and services. We could not count on a price locked in for an as yet unknown quality of an object whether “live” stock (sheep, goats, or pigs) or grains… or oil or wind… You know that economical and environmental issues & causes have an affect on our health. Please take time during the next few months to fully investigate, questioning and finding reliable sources from which you gather information and then take care of things that you learn directly affect you. Consider a simplification process and align yourself and your life with nature, become more aware of the things or people that are obstacles to your happiness or no longer serve you in positive ways or means. Consider Mother Earth. There may be strength in numbers, but consider also that less is more. Dwell in the later light of spring forward on 3/8 and continue to count the ways responsible actions for yourself ripple outward into the community one small step at a time… In Peace… For Mankind…

Doing what we do best...Doing what we do best... 



 ~*~ DECEMBER ~ JANUARY ~ FEBRUARY 2008 & 2009

... To maintain something takes a delicate balance. Sometimes, it takes contentment when a sense of balance can’t be found… Knowingly, in my life, the lives of my friends and acquaintances as well perhaps yes, even in the lives of strangers we all must work as community on creating and achieving on occasion this delicate balance. Discovering how to find a comfortable ground, keep a non-judgmental attitude with little agitation requires intelligence. I’m not advocating that we must find and stay in the middle ground but in our routine “maintenance” schedules we find what helps us the most to be up and running as smoothly as possible. It’s a little more personal then opening the glove box and seeing what we need at 15,000 miles. This exploration process and uncovering what works ultimately takes having the mind and discipline of a master. There must be constant observation, a genuine sense of wanting to take care, and finally the motivation and here-with-all to follow through with what is clear in the heart and clear in the world. There are times when we need movement and camaraderie and times when a fairly sedentary and quiet day by one self is most important amongst other options. If we keep our senses finely tuned; sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell we receive input to our highest needs. In service to our self we must first meet our basic needs of health to be productive and of service in our society. This includes taking care of our planet when making food choices and “watching” our diets. Ponder what we opt to “listen” to and take heed what ideals we maintain or defend. We must not only digest our food, but we must digest our environment and take notice of the things that leave us with a bad “taste”. We make our best attempts to try not to let time take it’s toil and if we find this to be the case in order to further the benefits of routine maintenance we make resolutions and mental notes to be more disciplined. If we fall back, we spring ahead, and dance as if “touched” or prodded one more time. Ah, don’t you love when the “scent” of new life has been breathed in and rather then wonder as you wander you simply mark your calendar for classes that you find entertaining or that always feel like you’ve arrived at home again. I hope as you/we dance or walk or sway on all the edges of your/our middle ground and exit the year of 2008 you/we find a shimmering reflection of self and the fullness of the qualities that you both give and receive in your/our life/lives and in love, peace & smiles march ahead, in circles or simply in place touching and being touched…

In Our HandsIn Our Hands

- Bobi Lyon. 12:37:28 PM