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AquaFLOW last year calendars and writing can be found on this page, while schedules from the past are posted on the link called Watery Thoughts. ~~~




“Life is too short to not have fun; we are only here for a short time compared to the sun and the moon and all that.” Coolio

With the exception of three classes, one cancelled for thunder and lightning, and the other for a mechanical issue which was resolved quickly, we went full steam through the summer months of 2015 with the exception of celebrating the 4th of July Holiday weekend beginning on Friday, July 3rd for thirty-seven classes. Now, I am still feeling enthusiastic based on this number, and riding the wave of heightened energy as it wanes, that approximately fifty to sixty individuals at each class brought during one of my favorite seasons of the year. Summer! But now here we all are again, it seems suddenly, at the conclusion of one season and on this adventurous path into another. In some years, more then others I experience the sense that there remains an emotional code, deep within, that we must follow, or adhere to at the end of every summer. Can you notice a bit of melancholy settling into our blood~streaming, “Goodbye summer, Hello autumn”? It is as if I have imbibed a mystical beverage at some point in my lifetime, a potion that always makes summer a continuum of magic and cultivated timeless memories to treasure for which I am so thankful year after year. 
Recently, we have been notified that the pool will be closed for repairs and maintenance following Labor Day beginning Monday 9/7/2015, and will hopefully reopen on Monday 9/28/2015. We must adapt and adjust our schedules marking these dates on our calendars. If you are not aware, even if you do not have a FaceBook account of your own, anyone can check the Joseph Von Savage Memorial Pool’s FaceBook community public page or the Wildwood Crest Department of Recreation’s page for updates as they are posted routinely, or one can elect to simply call the pool to see what is happening in the name of progress. I know it seems like we will be away for a “LONG” time but September weather is usually so special and filled with spectacular options for movement, when all is said and done we will be back before we know it having missed only 8 classes. In this interim, remember to choose kindness. Be gentle, Be forgiving, Be magical, Be festive, 
Be exuberant, Be amusing, Be lively, Be pleasant, Be affectionate, Be civil, Be a confidant... There are so many ways to be and keep in mind what is familiar remains. I am always with you, as you are with me.  

Just imagine becoming the way you used to be as a very young child, before you understood the meaning of any word, before opinions took over your mind. The real you is loving, joyful, and free. The real you is just like a flower, just like the wind, just like the ocean, just like the sun.” Miguel Angel Ruiz 





9:30am Monday, Wednesday & Friday                

Summer seems a season for a resplendent vision.  Each year when summer rolls near in the northern hemisphere, I can feel a surge of energy infiltrate the universe and my smile grows brighter too.  Summer has always been a favorite season of mine and it remains so today, as I put this prospective schedule together for us.  I hope this finds you feeling renewed following the very cold winter.  Although in retrospect I can hardly remember the snowfalls, or the cold temperatures that stalled the snow’s melting, I do know I am so very happy to feel the warmth of the sun and experience the longer days as we move closer toward Summer solstice.  Now is the perfect time to gather an inner strength, feel delight and share our shoreline and shore homes with enthusiasm.  I know if I don’t see you during the summer you are busy with company as both family and friends are suddenly knocking at the door whether for an overnight visit, a long weekend, or a month or more.  Well, we know we are all more then capable of GOING WITH THE FLOW, or even better, setting a boundary that says I am not for this at this point in time or pushing ahead excitedly as we create cherished memories.  Whatever it is you are mostly looking forward to sharing in the next few months, it is my hope to see many of you here at the pool, continuing with us in AquaFLOW through the summer or at another class that I offer.  Feel free to make any inquiries, come to one class or many, and be sure to have the time of your life.  As far as I know, we only get to go around one time in the body that we currently inhabit.  I know I am doing my utmost to thrive and live each day to the utmost and keep the vision alive.  



June  ~~~  All classes will be held... 

July  ~~~  No class on Friday 7/3  ~ 4th of July Weekend

August ~~ All classes will be held... 

Of course there is a chance that something may come up unexpectedly.  If that be the case I do try to update online or let folks know ahead of time.  






Class price still remains at $5.00 per instructed class or the optional $80.00 punch card for individual use only is good for any 20 classes offered by The Wildwood Crest Recreation Department whether at the Crest Pier, Centennial Park or here at the pool. Ready Set JUMP.  

             Bobi, Recreation Leader aka KaivalyaBOUND





“Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.”      Sarah Ban Breathnach


It’s been an unforgettable winter!  Soon we will forget this passing winter season and create an exciting plan of action, making special moments during Spring of 2015 with spirited enthusiasm.  At times during winter’s stillness, we recognized we really can actively participate in this thing we call life, and create lasting memories held near and dear to our heart to treasure forever.  We remained active all through December, January & February,  embodied love in wondrous ways during heart awareness month, but now let’s continue to be present together a bit longer with the howling March Winds, April Showers and the May Flowers, making plans for ourselves that make this planet Earth a better place for one another and the next generation.  Let’s cultivate colorful events on the calendar, and press gently onward toward Memorial Day.  Be sure to take note there will be a period of time when I am away,  mark these days on your calendars and make grand plans for yourself on a continuum.  Remember only you can decisively stay in the FLOW... even in my absence.  Who knows, maybe something that has been desired for a very long time will finally show it’s magical face to you.  

AquaFLOW still only $5.00 or your punch card... 


~ All classes will be held.  No holidays ~ 

      NO DAYS OFF!   


There is class on April Fools Day...  No class April 3rd Good Friday... 

 There will be class on Monday 4/6 , Wednesday 4/8 & Friday 4/10...

 Following this I will be leaving for a Spring Holiday, visiting and meeting my in-laws in Switzerland.  Since my daughter Kristen has been married for 3 years now, I think/know my trip there is overdue.  This will be magic in the making.  I look forward to hearing about what each of you planned during this period of time ~  and sharing more joy with all of you upon my return.  


I will be returning in May... Classes will resume on Monday 5/11 and the SUMMER Schedule will be out before we know it.  Once we commence again, all classes should be held with the exception of Memorial Day Monday on 5/26... and so it is.  

Let’s not rush Spring as we also make it a Season to recollect warmly.   Embrace your days, Bobi